Disclosure Policy

Tokyo Electron (TEL) is committed to disclosing information on TEL and its group in a fair, just, and timely manner to enable all its stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, customers, and local communities, to correctly and fully understand the company and its group and to evaluate them appropriately. Opinions collected from stakeholders through information disclosure will be used in-house as a point of reference for corporate management.

Information Disclosure Standards

  • TEL will comply with the Securities and Exchange Law and the rules on timely disclosure stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • In addition to this, TEL will also disclose information in an active, fair, just, and timely manner even when it is not subject to the rules on timely disclosure if such disclosure is deemed as being beneficial for an understanding of TEL. There may be cases, however, where TEL cannot reply to inquiries about specific information to maintain its competitive advantage or to fulfill duties of confidentiality.

Disclosure Practices

  • TEL will swiftly post information subject to the rules on timely disclosure (material information) on its website after it is announced at the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • From time to time, TEL will voluntarily disclose information to the stakeholders other than material information in a fair, just, and easy-to-understand way, utilizing various means of communication, including websites and publications.
  • TEL holds meetings to brief analysts and investors on its financial results, and these meetings are open to the mass media. Audio recordings of the latest quarterly financial meetings and the materials on quarterly financial results distributed at the meetings, and Q&A summaries, are provided on the TEL website.
  • To ensure fair provision of information to foreign investors, TEL will in principle disclose information in Japanese and English simultaneously. Due to the work involving translation, however, posting English information on the website may be slightly delayed.

Future Outlook

In addition to financial forecasts it submits to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, TEL provides information on its views regarding the market environment, as well as its future business plans, strategies, etc. for its various IR activities, including meetings to announce financial results. This information represents the judgments we make based on the information available, and actual performance and results may differ significantly from forecasts due to changes in various external and internal factors. Examples of external and internal factors that may affect financial results include the economic situation, the condition of the semiconductor and FPD, the intensification of sales competition, TEL's ability to respond to rapid technological innovations, safety and quality control, and risks associated with intellectual property rights. For details on factors that may affect financial results, see the section "Business-related and Other Risks".

IR Spokespersons

To ensure the accuracy of information and the fairness of disclosure, TEL's major IR activities will be undertaken by IR spokespersons, including Chairman of the Board, CEO, and IR representatives. In principle, executives and employees other than IR spokespersons will not provide information by themselves on TEL to persons concerned with securities markets and the mass media. IR spokespersons may appoint other executives and employees as their deputies when necessary.