Group Company

Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions Ltd.

Head Office:  

  • Representative

    President, Representative Director Sadao Sasaki

  • Business

    Development and manufacturing of thermal processing system, single wafer deposition system, gas chemical etch system, test system and FPD plasma etch/ash system

  • Location

    2381-1 Kitagejo, Fujii-cho
    Nirasaki City, Yamanashi 407-8511
    tel: +81-551-22-8611
    fax: +81-551-23-2450

Branch Office: Hosaka

  • Location

    650 Mitsuzawa, Hosaka-cho
    Nirasaki City, Yamanashi 407-0192
    tel: +81-551-22-8611
    fax: +81-551-23-4092

Branch Office: Tohoku

  • Location

    52 Matsunagane, Iwayado, Esashi, Oshu City,
    Iwate 023-1101
    tel: +81-197-35-5101
    fax: +81-197-35-7005

Branch Office: Fuchu

  • Location

    30-7 Sumiyoshi-cho 2-chome
    Fuchu City, Tokyo 183-8705