NEWJAAS "1st General Assembly and Kick-off Meeting" Held

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The Japanese Association for the Advancement of Science (JAAS) consists mainly of researchers and other people involved in science, and its catchphrase is "Energize Japan's science more!"
JAAS was established with the aim of becoming an organization that transcends the boundaries of disciplines, organizations, occupations/job classifications, nationalities/ethnicities, and generations, in which all people can participate. They hold the belief that a bright future for science in Japan requires dialogue and collaboration among people from diverse positions who are motivated by the promotion of science.
In February 2021, a grassroots group of young researchers formed a preparatory committee to create Japan's first private organization for the promotion and dissemination of science, aiming to become the Japanese version of AAAS [American Association for the Advancement of Science]. In February 2022, the following year, JAAS was born as a non-profit organization.

The "1st General Assembly and Kick-off Meeting" was held June 18-24, 2022.
The lectures, symposiums, and workshops at this event provided a forum for dialogue on several themes considered necessary to energize science in Japan. The poster session, on the other hand, featured a wide variety of cross-disciplinary presentations, including research by high school students, introductions from cutting-edge research groups, and proposals on how science works.
The event is open to everyone interested in science and is also characterized by its emphasis on opportunities for "dialogue" between researchers and political and administrative officials.
JAAS succeeded in attracting approximately 300 visitors through a hybrid face-to-face and virtual format the 18-19th, and a total of more than 3,000 visitors through the online format the 20-24th, marking the first step toward the event's goal of becoming a "Science Festival."

As part of TEL FOR GOOD's activities in the focus area of "Technology and innovation," Tokyo Electron endorsed the JAAS event concept and supported the event as a Diamond Sponsor.

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