Conference presentations

AVS 66th International Symposium & Exhibition

AVS 66th International Symposium & Exhibition will be held at Columbus, USA, from October 20–25, 2019.
Technical sessions cover the latest researches on vacuum and equipment technology; materials and interface characterization; and materials processing.
Tokyo Electron(TEL) will make 11 oral presentations including three invited talks.

  • Invited Talks

    1. BEOL Etch Challenges and Solutions for Advanced Process Nodes

    2. Innovative Future Etch Technology by Atomic-order Control

    3. Atomic Layer Etch: Real World Utilization of an Idealized Solution

    1. Angélique Raley*1‚ Katie Lutker-Lee*1‚ Xinghua Sun*1‚ Yen-Tien Lu*1‚ Qiaowei Lou*1‚ Nicholas Joy*1‚ Michael Edley*1, Kensuke Taniguchi*2‚ Manasobu Honda*2, Peter Biolsi*1

    *1 TEL Technology Center‚ America‚ LLC
    *2 Tokyo Electron Miyagi Ltd.

    2. Yoshihide Kihara‚ Takayuki Katsunuma‚ Sho Kumakura‚ Toru Hisamatsu‚ Masanobu Honda (Tokyo Electron Miyagi Ltd.)

    3. Peter Biolsi (TEL Technology Center‚ America‚ LLC)

  • Oral Presentations

    1. Process Development and Mechanism Analysis of Low Temperature ALD TiN with TiCl4/Monomethylhydrazine

    2. Non-selective Silicon Oxide and Nitride Etch in Oxygen/Nitrogen-containing Fluorocarbon Plasmas

    3. Impact of Plasma Process on Source/Drain Epitaxy Film

    4. Advanced Selective Chemical Dry Etch for Oxide and Si-based Material

    5. Effect of Polymerization on Ar+ Bombardment Modification of SiO2 and Si3N4 Substrates: Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study

    6. Review and Demonstration of Feature Scale Simulations

    1. Taiki Kato‚ et al.

    2. Yu-Hao Tsai, et al.

    3. Yun Han, et al.

    4. Li-Hung Chen, et al.

    5. Hojin Kim, et al.

    6. Paul Moroz