Conference presentations

ISSM2018 (International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing)

ISSM 2018 (International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing) focusing on semiconductor manufacturing technology will be held December 10th and 11th in Japan. ISSM has been taking a role in shaping the course of technology development with "manufacturing science," as well as creating new manufacturing technologies with the concept of shifting from "know-how" to "science". In recent years, more and more proactive discussion has also been made on utilization of IoT, big data, and machine learning.
Tokyo Electron(TEL), which has a vast line-up of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, will report seven papers including utilization of machine learning and so on.

  • Materials Informatics for Process and Material Co-optimization

    Fumiaki Tanaka*1, Hiroshi Sato*1 , Naoki Yoshii*1, Hidefumi Matsui*2

    *1 Tokyo Electron Ltd.
    *2 Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions Ltd.

  • An Accurate Method for Determining Pattern Collapse Occurrence for Nano-Structures

    Hiroshi Marumoto, Kawano Hisashi, Mitsunori Nakamori (Tokyo Electron Kyushu Ltd.)

  • Virtual Metrology Model Robustness Against Chamber Condition Variation by Using Deep Learning

    Takuro Tsutsui, Takahito Matsuzawa (Tokyo Electron Ltd.)