• When was Tokyo Electron established?

    TEL was established on November 11, 1963.

  • What does TEL stand for?

    The company was established as Tokyo Electron Laboratories, Inc. TEL was named using the first three letters of the company's name. The present company name, Tokyo Electron Limited, also uses the name TEL.

  • When and where was TEL listed/traded?

    Stocks of Tokyo Electron are listed among manufacturing companies (electric appliances) on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, with the securities code 8035. Tokyo Electron was first listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in June 1980 and then moved to the First Section in March 1984.

  • What types of products does TEL manufacture and distribute?

    Tokyo Electron develops, manufactures, and sells cutting-edge semiconductor production equipment (SPE) and flat panel display (FPD) production equipment. Please see the Business Portfolio page for more details.

    Business Portfolio


  • What is Tokyo Electron's accounting period, and when does it announce financial results?

    Tokyo Electron's accounting period ends each year on March 31st. The financial results are announced on a quarterly basis. Please refer to the IR Calendar page for future financial announcements.

    IR Calendar

  • Where can I find financial results for recent accounting periods?

    Financial Statements, as well as presentation materials and Q&A's from meetings with analysts and investors, can be accessed below.

    Earnings Release

  • Is it possible to find TEL financial estimates for the current fiscal year?

    Please see the Financial Estimates. Please note that changes in external and internal factors can result in revisions in the forecast for the current term. When such revisions are made, they will be filed with the Tokyo Stock Exchange and also immediately announced on TEL website.

    Financial Estimates

  • Can I listen to a webcast of earnings release presentation?

    Audio webcasts are available to hear the quarterly financial meetings with analysts and investors. Webcasts are posted on the Earnings Release page (for a period of three months after the meeting).

    Earnings Release

  • What sort of risks affect Tokyo Electron's financial results?

    The market in which Tokyo Electron operates is characterized by fierce competition and rapid technological innovation, and is sensitive to the dynamic supply and demand for items such as semiconductors and FPD. The following factors may affect financial results: changes in the semiconductor market, concentration of transactions on particular customers, R&D, safety-related impact, and quality issues, etc. For more information, please access the link below.

    Business-related and Other Risks

  • Who performs audits of Tokyo Electron?


Stocks/General Shareholders' Meetings

  • What is the trading unit for Tokyo Electron stocks?

    Common stocks of Tokyo Electron are traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in units of 100 shares.

  • Who is the transfer agent for Tokyo Electron?

    The transfer agent for Tokyo Electron is Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited.

    Website: http://www.smtb.jp/tools/english/

  • How can I request the repurchase of odd-lot shares?

    Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited, manages the shareholder register for Tokyo Electron and handles requests regarding the repurchase of less than 100 shares that result from stock splits, etc. Please contact your nearest Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited branch, or visit their website, for more details.

    Website: http://www.smtb.jp/tools/english/

  • What will this year's dividends be?

    Please refer to the Dividend Policy and Dividends page.

    Dividend Policy and Dividends

  • When is the annual general meeting of shareholders held?

    The annual general meeting is held every year in the latter half of June. As soon as the day of the meeting is decided, it is posted on the IR Calendar and Shareholders' Meeting pages.

    IR Calendar

    Shareholders' Meeting

  • What do I need to do to attend the general meeting of shareholders?

    Please bring the "Form for Execution of the Right to Vote"included with the "Notice of the General Meeting of Shareholders", sent to shareholders at the end of May, to the meeting venue.

  • How can I exercise my right to vote if I cannot attend the general meeting of shareholders?

    There are two ways. (1) Mark "yes" or "no" for each of the proposals listed on the "Form for Execution of the Right to Vote" included with the "Notice of the General Meeting of Shareholders," sign it and return it by mail. (2) Use Tokyo Electron's designated website to vote (http://www.web54.net). Either method allows shareholders to exercise their right to vote even if they cannot attend the general meeting of shareholders.

    Website: http://www.web54.net

  • Is it possible to find out in advance what proposals will be put forward at the general meeting of shareholders?

    Please refer to the "Notice of the General Meeting of Shareholders" posted on the Shareholders' Meeting page.

    Shareholders' Meeting


  • How can I obtain shareholder/investor materials?

    Please access the link below.

    Inquiries/Requests for Brochures

  • Is it possible to obtain information regularly via an e-mail newsletter?

    Yes, it is. Please access the link below for a subscription.

    E-mail Alerts