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Our investments cover a range of technologies from impacting Tokyo Electron's core semiconductor, and flat panel display businesses, such as process, design, material, hardware/software, sustainability/conservation and those peripheral area, to other Silicon fabrication and other process technology.

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TEL Venture Overview

TEL Venture Capital (TEL Venture) strives to leverage the capabilities of our parent Tokyo Electron — the world's leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer — to enable the growth of other foundational technologies — from thin film transistors to nanotechnology. Our approach reflects our understanding of the limitations of both traditional corporate and financial venture capital models. We seek new ways to use our unique resources to transform ideas, talents and technologies into great companies.

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To get started and submit your business plan please provide a brief non-confidential overview of your company and its business model. Any documents marked as confidential or proprietary will not be read. Due to the large number of proposals received, we hold all initial conversations free of Non Disclosure Agreements ("NDA"). If there is an interest in your business plan, we will follow-up for more detailed conversations and discuss NDA where necessary.
We come at challenges from different angles and that's exactly how we approach success. Rather than specialize in one product or service, we excel in several, which means your career has the opportunity to do the same. Working in a creative environment on cross-functional global teams, you'll have the chance to prove yourself in a variety of arenas, such as thermal processing, etch systems, coater/developers, surface preparation systems, single wafer deposition, and wafer probe systems. We give our engineers the freedom to thinknot just outside the box, but as far away from it as they can get. We want leaders who can take an idea, flip it upside down, see what it's made of, and find out where it can go. We hire innovators who aren't afraid of failureafter all, thinking on the edge is the only way to grow. We have several programs designed to encourage big ideas and the engineers who dream them: Technical Career Ladder For engineers who stand out among the outstanding, we offer our Technical Career Ladder. This annual program recognizes engineers who are creating the technology of the future. There are three program levels: Member of Technical Staff, Senior Member of Technical Staff, and Fellow. Participants are selected through a nomination process, and rewarded by promotions and pay raises (not to mention bragging rights!). Inventor's Inner Circle We're not a company that rests on its past laurels. That's why we reward the inventors that nudge (or push) technology forward. Our Inventor's Inner Circle rewards engineers for their patents with bonuses and company accolades.