Mar 30, 2022

Announcement on Changes in Corporate Director and Introduction of a Corporate Officer System

Tokyo Electron (TEL) announces that its Board of Directors has decided as follows on the candidates for Corporate Director on March 30, 2022. The official resolution on these matters will be made at the 59th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled for June 21, 2022. The Board also decided to introduce a system of Corporate Officers who are responsible for the execution of Group management.


1. Candidates for Corporate Director

Toshiki Kawai (Reappointed)

Sadao Sasaki (Reappointed)

Yoshikazu Nunokawa (Reappointed)

Michio Sasaki (Reappointed, Outside Director)

Makiko Eda (Reappointed, Outside Director)

Sachiko Ichikawa (Reappointed, Outside Director)

2. Retiring Corporate Directors

Tetsuo Tsuneishi

Tatsuya Nagakubo

Kiyoshi Sunohara

Seisu Ikeda

Yoshinobu Mitano

Charles Ditmars Lake II (Outside Director)

3. Introduction of a Corporate Officer system

As TEL will transit to Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we are introducing a new Corporate Officer system in order to further strengthen corporate governance.

A Corporate Officer is a member of the newly established Corporate Officers Meeting, which will be the highest decision-making body on the executive side. As a member of this body, Corporate Officers will provide quick management decisions and agile operational execution in order to further promote growth-oriented group governance on global basis, as well as to grow short-, medium-, and long-term earnings and continually improve corporate value.

Corporate Officers (June 21, 2022)

Toshiki Kawai

Sadao Sasaki

Yoshikazu Nunokawa

Yoshinobu Mitano

Seisu Ikeda

Takeshi Okubo

Tatsuya Nagakubo

The executive officer structure beneath Corporate Officers will be maintained as before.