Mar 30, 2018

Changing Business Operation in Singapore/Southeast Asia

Tokyo Electron (TEL) hereby announces that, effective from April 1st, 2018, TEL will commence direct operation in Singapore and Southeast Asia (SEA).

Due to the business environment changes recent years, TEL and Hermes-Epitek Singapore have decided to streamline our operations in Singapore and SEA and move to a direct operation model, to achieve speedier and more detailed support to our customer in Singapore and SEA.

Along with termination of agent agreement with Hermes-Epitek Singapore, local subsidiaries of Tokyo Electron will henceforth become the sole sales agent and service/parts provider for TEL products in Singapore and SEA.

About HERMES-Epitek Singapore
Established in: 1992
Office Address: 4 Changi North Street 1, Hermes-Epitek Centre, Singapore 498816
President: Frank Lu
Employees: Approximately 300 in Singapore (as of April, 2017)
Services: Semiconductor manufacturing and tech services, parts distribution and so forth