Relationship with Stakeholders

Our belief in stakeholder communication

The TEL Group strives to maintain good relationships and build trust with stakeholders who have, or are likely to have, an impact on its  business. To help our stakeholders properly understand the value of the TEL Group, we ensure transparency and accountability of our operations by disclosing information in a fair, impartial and timely manner. Communication with stakeholders is imperative for us to understand their expectations for the future of the Group, and can help us minimize our social and environmental risks and identify areas needing improvement. Such stakeholder communications shape our business with further opportunities, advantages and competitiveness.

Use of stakeholder communication

Business cannot be undertaken without stakeholders and society. We identify important stakeholders who are essential to the TEL Group’s business. For these stakeholders, we clarify our roles and responsibilities related to the corporate functions they face in daily business. While helping such stakeholders fully understand the progress of our business activities and future plans, we make use of the feedback obtained from the communication for our business at an early stage.

Measures against stakeholder communication-related risks

To act in a fair and timely manner with regard to stakeholders obtaining our information, we periodically file our official report to the public domain and make our press release and information available on our official website. To secure communication channels with any stakeholders, contact information is clearly indicated on the website.

Example : Technology Conference

The TEL Group considers building networks for communication with customers and within the Group as indispensable for driving innovation and making effective use of information assets. We hold the Technology Conference internally and externally for information sharing and multifaceted communication. Both participating customers and employees have provided favorable feedback on the conferences.

Health and Safety Initiatives

With health and safety positioned as a vital foundation of its business activities, the TEL Group promotes "health and safety first" from a variety of aspects.

Relationship with Customers

We are striving to enhance quality to continuously provide products and services with which customers are satisfied.

Relationship with Suppliers

We aim to create partnership with suppliers, trust each other and develop together.

Relationship with Shareholders and Investors

The TEL Group emphasizes fair, equitable, and timely disclosure of information to and dialogues with shareholders and investors, both in Japan and overseas.

Working Together with Employees

While respecting the autonomy and willingness of our employees to take on challenges, we strive to create a workplace that enables all of our employees to reach their full potential.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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