Test System

What is a test system?

Hundreds to thousands of integrated circuits (ICs) are constructed on a wafer through various processes during the manufacturing of semiconductors. A test system examines whether the IC formed on a wafer functions properly as a product. TEL's main test system product, the wafer prober, enables electrical testing by connecting it to a tester and contacting the probe needles to IC electrodes on the wafer. In order to enable measurement at the IC chip's guaranteed product temperature, it is equipped with advanced functions to fulfill various requirements such as accurate control of the ambient temperature (chuck temperature) from high temperatures (300, 150℃) through to low temperatures (-55℃).


Wafer Prober
Precio XL

Wafer Prober
Precio nano/Precio

Wafer Prober
Precio octo

Wafer/Dicing Frame Prober

Multi-Cell Test System

High-speed Probe Mark Automatic Inspection System

Data Management System for Wafer Prober

Operation Support System for Wafer Prober

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