Electronic Components/Computer & Network

Tokyo Electron Device (TED) is an advanced technology trading company, representing innovative technology from industry-leading semiconductor component manufacturers, network systems suppliers, storage solutions providers and software companies.
At TED, we deliver superior technical support and unmatched quality assurance. This is built upon our world-class verification and review systems; enabling us to help our customers bring their solutions to market quickly and meet their critical business objectives.

Electronic Components

We leverage the unique marketing skills to procure semiconductor materials carefully selected from suppliers around the world, providing them to our customers in a timely manner backed up by our strong technical support.

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Computer & Network

To build the strategic IT systems necessary to accelerate the speed of business,we provide a total service package starting with initial discussion of our client's issues,continuing all the way through to operation and support of the leading-edge equipment put in place to meet these needs.

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  • Semiconductor Production Equipment
    • Thermal Processing
    • Coater/Developers
    • Etch system
    • Surface Preparation system
    • Single Wafer Deposition
    • Test system
    • Wafer Bonding/Debonding
    • SiC Epitaxial CVD System
    • Gas Cluster Ion Beam System
    • Advanced Packaging
  • Flat Panel Display Equipment
    • FPD Coater/Developer
    • FPD Etch/Ash system
    • Inkjet printing system for manufacturing OLED panels
  • Field Solutions
  • Chip Making Process