TEL careers

We make innovation possible. TEL is committed to the progress of our future technology. And, to be successful, it takes a community of talent! Our global workforce of over 10,000 employees is taking on the challenge of a new world of technology.


The better you are, the better we are. Our 360-degree approach means there's a good fit for every learning style. We have interactive classes, on-the-job training, and formal programs that are led by certified technical experts and organizational development professionals. You will continue growing your skills and encouraging your curiosity. TEL offers educational reimbursement to help you achieve your learning goals.

University students

As a leading innovator of semiconductor production equipment, our internship and co-op program provides participants the opportunity to gain meaningful experience working with cutting-edge technology while completing their degree. Paid engineering and operations internships and co-ops are available throughout our business units across the U.S.


Military personnel fit well at TEL due to their commitment to service and unyielding pride. With approximately 12% of our US employee base being veterans, they strengthen our customer partnerships by providing outstanding service and support to U.S. semiconductor device manufacturers.

We recognize our veterans as valuable resources for continuing our TEL legacy of world-renowned products and technologies that support diverse customer needs.

We come at challenges from different angles and that's exactly how we approach success. Rather than specialize in one product or service, we excel in several, which means your career has the opportunity to do the same. Working in a creative environment on cross-functional global teams, you'll have the chance to prove yourself in a variety of arenas, such as thermal processing, etch systems, coater/developers, surface preparation systems, single wafer deposition, and wafer probe systems. We give our engineers the freedom to thinknot just outside the box, but as far away from it as they can get. We want leaders who can take an idea, flip it upside down, see what it's made of, and find out where it can go. We hire innovators who aren't afraid of failureafter all, thinking on the edge is the only way to grow. We have several programs designed to encourage big ideas and the engineers who dream them: Technical Career Ladder For engineers who stand out among the outstanding, we offer our Technical Career Ladder. This annual program recognizes engineers who are creating the technology of the future. There are three program levels: Member of Technical Staff, Senior Member of Technical Staff, and Fellow. Participants are selected through a nomination process, and rewarded by promotions and pay raises (not to mention bragging rights!). Inventor's Inner Circle We're not a company that rests on its past laurels. That's why we reward the inventors that nudge (or push) technology forward. Our Inventor's Inner Circle rewards engineers for their patents with bonuses and company accolades.