TEL attends a number of career events each year across the United States. These events offer prospective candidates an opportunity to learn about job opportunities, meet with TEL representatives, and get a good sense of our culture and technology.

For information on our next career event, follow us on Twitter(@TokyoElectronUS) or LinkedIn.

When you view the world as your neighborhood, it changes your perspective. Suddenly, things feel a lot more personal. As a global company, we feel responsible for the world we share. We firmly believe that our value as a company isn't just in our bottom lineit's in our commitment to the community. We work hard to help our communities: we share our time, our resources, and our hearts. We sponsor campaigns and employee-led activities from toy collections to food drives to blood drives to education programs. We clean up trash, support green energy use, and recycle just about everything. We're reducing emissions, planting trees, and wearing pink. We serve as leaders on community and industry boards, and provide financial support to important causes like the Red Cross and the Nature Conservancy. We're a contributing member of the business arena, the global community, and the local communities we call home. We haven't stopped by our neighbors' with a pieyetbut we're an active community partner every day.