Conference presentations

236th ECS Meeting

The 236th ECS Meeting will be held at Atlanta, USA, from October 13–17, 2019. Current Results on electrochemical and solid-state science and technology will be discussed in the meeting.
Tokyo Electron Ltd. will provide four oral presentations.

  • 1. Challenges and Opportunities for High-K Dielectrics for Advanced Technology Nodes

    2. Wet Etching inside Advanced High Aspect Ratio Structures: Impact of Dissolved Oxygen

    3. Capillary Pattern Collapse: Prediction and Prevention from Past to Future

    4. Atomic Layer Processing for Advanced Electronics

    1. Kandabara Tapily, Robert D. Clark, Steven Consiglio, Hiroaki Niimi, D. Triyoso, Cory S. Wajda, and Gert J. Leusink (TEL Technology Center, America, LLC)

    2. Tetsuya Sakazaki*1, Hitoshi Kosugi*1, Derek W Bassett*2, Ihsan Simms*3, Antonio Rotondaro*2, and Trace Hurd*2

    *1 Tokyo Electron Kyushu Ltd.
    *2 Tokyo Electron America‚ Inc.
    *3 Tokyo Electron Ltd.

    3. Derek W Bassett (Tokyo Electron America‚ Inc.)

    4. Gerrit J Leusink (Tokyo Electron Ltd.)