Conference presentations


The International conference “SPIE. ADVANCED LITHOGRAPHY 2019” specializes in lithography, is one of the important technologies for device scaling and will be held February 24-28 in the USA. Active discussions will be conducted on scaling from various approaches such as lithography tools, material, etch, measurement, and so on. Tokyo Electron (TEL) will report twelve themes including one Keynote Presentation.

  • Integrated atomic scale CD control and local variability reduction techniques

    Toru Hisamatsu, Takayuki Katsunuma, Yoshihide Kihara, Masanobu Honda(Tokyo Electron Miyagi)

  • Robustness of interactive pattern fidelity error as a quality metric for integrated patterning

    Soichiro Okada*1, Shinji Kobayashi*1, Satoru Shimura*1, Masashi Enomoto*1, Shota Yoshimura*2, Kiyohito Ito*2, Shinya Morikita*2

    *1 Tokyo Electron Kyushu
    *2 Tokyo Electron Miyagi