Coater/Developer Mark Series

Best selling model with repeated innovative improvements following the posterity

The CLEAN TRACK™ Mark was the first domestic model of coater/developer for TEL which was based on the photoresist system developed and manufactured in US. The next developed CLEAN TRACK™ Mark-II was able to transit to larger wafer size to 6 inches with advanced controller. Through multiple efforts like introducing in-line models with exposure tools the system’s continuous improvement involved higher productivity. The CLEAN TRACK™ Mark-V realized various innovative technologies such as stacked clean oven module layout and high-speed wafer handling robotics, etc, so dramatically changed the concept of the conventional photoresist systems and set the worldwide standards for them.


The CLEAN TRACK™ Mark-V is the best selling coater developer system for 4 to 6 inch wafers, which developed uniquely by TEL. Mark-V had been shipped over one thousand and hundreds systems worldwide and became the base of industry’s standard through continuous quality improvement and upgrading. With comprehensive range of scale options, valuable knowledge and good experience in the market, after 30 years from release Mark-V has been widely adopted in various applications and is still active in production today.

CLEAN TRACK™ Mark 7/Mark 8

The CLEAN TRACK™ Mark 7/8's was the innovative coater developer system for 5 to 8 inch wafers with further scaling and improved productivity. It inherited the concept of Mark V that released in 1989 as the top-end models. In addition, plus environment control technology which enables stable and excellent performance, The CLEAN TRACK™ Mark 7/8’s supports various type of manufacturing scene from research and development to volume production.

Product comparison

Mark VzMark7
Wafer size (mm)75,100,150100,150,200
AvailabilityCertified usedCertified used
Throughput (wph)Inline:60Inline: 90
Processi-linei-line, KrF
SubstratesSi, GaAs, GaN, GaP,SiC
Glass, Sapphire, AlTiC, LN, LT
Si, GaAs, GaN, GaP,SiC
Glass, Sapphire, AlTiC, LN, LT
Additional featuresTransfer robotEnclosed system