FPD Inkjet printing Series

Promising the Ultimate Material Efficiency in Large OLED Displays.

The inkjet printing system significantly improves the productivity of organic luminescent layer formation for OLED displays. Compared with the conventional vacuum technology, the inkjet method forms films by discharging the required amount of organic material onto large glass substrates in regular atmospheric conditions. Consequently, it will facilitate future handling of larger size TV displays as well as cost reduction. TEL helps customers achieve a drastic reduction in material usage and yield loss caused by particles in OLED display manufacturing, with its proven inkjet printing technology.


TEL and Seiko Epson Corporation (EPSON) collaborated and developed Elius™, OLED Inkjet system.
Elius™ realizes high-accuracy and high-speed ink drawing for up to G8 size substrate, and the highly stable production of the OLED display.

In addition, the inkjet method by Elius™ can produce large organic EL displays with Side-by-Side pixels and realizes a significant reduction of material usage compared to the conventional evaporation method.
Elius™ can be applied to the process of patterning hole injection layer/hole transport layer / light-emitting layer.

Substrate size: Elius™500 Pro <Standard> 370mm × 470mm
Elius™1000 Pro <Standard> 730mm × 920mm
Elius™2500 Pro <Standard>2,200mm × 2,500mm