Dec 2, 2014

Tokyo Electron Ships 250th Triase+™ EX-II™ TiN Metallization System

Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) today announced that the Triase+TM EX-IITM TiN (titanium nitride) metallization system reached a cumulative total of 250 chambers shipped. TEL began accepting orders for the Triase+TM EX-II TiN in January 2013, and forecasted shipments for this fiscal year indicate year-over-year growth of over 50%. Semiconductor manufacturers throughout the world have adopted the Triase+ EX-II TiN to produce today's most advanced memory and logic devices.

Triase+ EX-II TiN is an advanced reactor for depositing metal films. The system is built on the foundation of TEL's Trias TM Ti/TiN Series of products, which have led the metal film formation market using titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4) gas. The Triase+ EX-II TiN employs TEL's Advanced Sequential Flow Deposition (ASFD) process technology, a high-speed, low-temperature method for forming nanoscale metal films with highly-engineered properties. An optimized reactor chamber and unique gas injection mechanism enable the Triase+ EX-II TiN to address the industry's most demanding metal deposition challenges.

In keeping with our philosophy of continuous improvement, TEL continues to refine the EX-II reactor and ASFD mechanism to achieve even higher levels of film precision, process flexibility and manufacturing productivity. TEL plans to release the results of this comprehensive development program, the Triase+ EX-II TiN Plus (tentative name), in April 2015.

"Triase+ EX-II TiN/TiN Plus was developed on the foundation of superior film formation technology and high productivity built up through the Trias Ti/TiN Series of products", Takeshi Okubo, Executive Officer and General Manager, SDBU at TEL said. "We aim to enable further technology scaling and optimal film formation technology for new device structures. Going forward, we will continue tackling the high-level technological developments needed to evolve the Triase+ EX-II TiN system and deliver the best solutions to our customers. Also, TEL will continue delivering high-value added products through the expansion of Triase+ EX-II series to new material for broad-ranging applications."

*Trias, Triase+ and EX-II are registered trademarks or trademarks of Tokyo Electron Limited in Japan and other countries