Mar 18, 2014

Tokyo Electron Begins Accepting Orders for Elius™2500 Inkjet Printing System for OLED Panel Manufacturing

Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL™) today announced that it has begun accepting orders for Elius™2500 inkjet printing system for manufacturing organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels.

Based upon the joint development agreement concluded between TEL and Seiko Epson Corporation (Epson®) in 2010, a demonstration line was established at Tokyo Electron Yamanashi Limited to conduct inkjet method production of OLED panels, and the companies have worked together to advance the development of manufacturing technology. Now, in view of future expansion in the OLED display market, TEL has started accepting orders for inkjet printing system for production of OLED panels using 8th generation substrates.

Inkjet printing system significantly improves the productivity of organic luminescent layer formation for OLED panels. Currently, the organic luminescent layer of panels for large-screen televisions are formed in a vacuum using technology based on vacuum thermal evaporation (VTE), however the inkjet method adopted for the Elius2500 forms film by discharging the required amount of organic material onto large glass substrates in regular atmospheric conditions. Consequently, it will facilitate future handling of larger size television screens and cost reduction.

TEL and Epson aim to continue contributing to the growth of the OLED display market in the future.

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