Apr 5, 2012

Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) Introduces the NT333™ 300mm ALD SiO2 System

Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL), a world leader in thermal processing systems, today announced that the company will start receiving orders for the NT333TM, beginning in October 2012.

The NT333 applies inherent ALD* concepts against conventional ALD processing to address the critical performance needs imposed by aggressive geometries. The NT333 can effectively deposit with a very tight thickness control, a range of less than 1A, while maintaining a productivity of 100+ wafers per hour. With a very unique reactor design, each of the ALD duty cycles enables the NT333 to deliver the high film quality which is typically compromised at low temperature regimes (<400C).

Oxide films from the NT333 achieve a very low wet etch rate, which is on-par with thermal oxide, allowing the use of existing integration schemes. The oxide films from the NT333 also achieve very low leakage performance.

“By providing high-quality nano-scale film applications required for the upcoming 1Xnm generation, the NT333 will deliver efficiency and improvements for our customers’ development and production needs. Looking forward, TEL is committed to developing new deposition products to address emerging semiconductor solutions in the logic and memory landscape.”, said Teddy Tada, general manager of TEL’s Thermal Processing System BU.

The first phase of the NT333 launch is targeted at delivering a high productivity solution with superior ALD-SiO2 film performance.

* Atomic Layer Deposition