Jul 16, 2008

Tokyo Electron to Upgrade Evaluation and Development Facilities for Miniaturization Support Technology

TOKYO- July 16, 2008 - In order to meet the miniaturization requirements for the most advanced device production technologies, Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) will install Nikon NSR-S610C ArF immersion scanner in cleanroom at the Hosaka Plant in Yamanashi Prefecture, thus accelerating the companys fundamental process development of 22nm generation technologies and beyond.

In efforts to respond to diversifying technological needs, TEL has established comprehensive research and development facilities world-wide to provide customers with next-generation technologies and capabilities to develop and evaluate process integrations. These facilities include the leading-edge Process Development Center in Hosaka and the TEL Technology Center, America, LLC, in Albany, NY.

By implementing the most advanced immersion lithography systems, TEL will quickly identify challenges related to miniaturization, and will use its knowledge of fundamental technologies to provide timely solutions and measures to release new products. The company will also establish double patterning and other module technologies, which are candidates for mass-production of next-generation devices. Significant progress is required in order to scale lithography and coater/developer systems to meet the rigorous demands of double patterning technology.

The combination and optimization of TELs extensive process equipment line-up, including coater/developer systems, etch systems, thermal processing systems, cleaning systems, and measuring systems, will address technological challenges, such as the effort to shrink nodes to 22nm, while achieving a high level of critical dimension control and reducing line-width roughness.

In addition to upgrading its facilities to develop and evaluate miniaturization programs, TEL will offer fundamental technologies that take previous and subsequent processes into consideration to meet customers integration needs and expectations. As a comprehensive equipment manufacturer, TEL intends to provide customers with innovative and reliable mass-production technologies.