Dec 27, 2016

Tokyo Electron Taiwan Holds 1st Robot Combat Finals / 東京威力科創機器人大賽 最終決賽熱烈登場

Tokyo Electron (TEL) in Hsinchu, Taiwan hosted the TEL Taiwan Robot Combat in celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary. The purpose of this event was to help university students develop their skills and abilities in applied machine engineering, as well as to identify promising engineering talents. TEL in Hsinchu, Taiwan held preparatory briefings at a number of university campuses across Taiwan beginning in October 2016, stirring a lot of interest and attracting entries from over 20 universities. The participants consisted of students of science and engineering departments, including those majoring in electric machinery, information engineering, electric machine engineering, industrial magament, machine engineering, biomedical engineering, electric control, mechatronics, electronic engineering, biomedial engineering and environmental science, precision machinery, information and communication, etc. After intense preliminary competitions in North, Central, and South Districts, 16 surviving teams competed in the finals on December 17 to win NT$60,000 in cash and a robot as a prize.

In the competition, the teams are first tasked to assemble and complete a robot within one hour. A referee determines winning teams, who are qualified to move on to the next round held in the afternoon, which consists of a series of 3-minute one-on-one battles. In addition to the winner’s award, the decoration award and the referees’ special award for assembly skills were also offered for this event.

At the end of the day, the championship was claimed by Team “Staff Only: Do Not Touch” (員外摸這不隊) from National Chung Hsing University. Team A204 from I-Shou University came in second, and Team “Ready to Attack” (做好攻擊準備) from Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology and Jinan University took the third place. The decoration award was given to Team “Robot” (羅伯特) from National Chung Cheng University and National Formosa University for their ingenious use of 3D technology. The referees’ special award for assembly skills was given to Team A204 from I-Shou University, who were the fastest in assembling a robot.

The referees and the audience were deeply impressed by the students’ creativity and teamwork. TEL in Hsinchu, Taiwan hopes that the practical experience gained through this competition will deepen the students’ understanding of technology and machinery, giving them an opportunity to demonstrate their insights and encouraging them to become a leading force in the high-tech industry in the future.

Tokyo Electron Taiwan Limited(TEL Taiwan)為了發掘及吸引產業人才,以及慶祝在台灣成立20周年,特別舉辦了「東京威力科創-機器人大賽」,自2016年10月份起,透過校園說明會的宣傳引發參賽熱潮。此次機器人大賽共吸引了超過來自20多所大專院校理工科系的學生報名參加,囊括了電機、資訊工程、電機工程、工業管理、機械工程、生物醫學工程、電控、機電整合、電子工程、生醫工程與環境科學、精密機械系、資通等科系。經由北區、中區及南區各區初賽的淘汰後,由最終16強的隊伍於12月17日一同熱烈爭取獲得冠軍台幣六萬元獎金及價值12萬元格鬥機器人的機會!
最終由國立中興大學組成的「員外摸這不隊」隊勇奪冠軍,亞軍由義守大學組成的「A204」隊獲得,季軍則由健行科技大學及暨南大學組成的「做好攻擊準備」隊獲得,最佳造型獎由最具創意的國立中正大學及國立虎尾科技大學共同組成的「羅伯特」隊以 3D列印的先進造型獲得,裁判團特別獎則由組裝效率最佳的義守大學組成的「A204」隊獲得!

About Tokyo Electron

TEL, established in 1963, is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor and flat panel display production equipment. TEL has 74 operating bases for research & development, manufacturing, sales, and service in 16 countries and regions in North America, Europe, and Asia (as of April 1, 2016), offering the latest equipment and services of the highest quality. TEL in Hsinchu, Taiwan is located within the Hsinchu Science Park.


TEL (Tokyo Electron Limited),總部成立於1963年,為半導體以及平面顯示器製造設備的領導先驅,全球皆設有研發、製造、銷售共74個據點(2016年4月1日為止),遍佈美國、歐洲、亞洲等16個國家,致力於提供最先進的設備以及最優質的服務。東京威力科創台灣總部位於新竹科學園區。