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The Tohoku Forum for Creativity (TFC) at Tohoku University is an advanced research program that brings together Nobel Laureates and other world-renowned researchers, junior researchers, and students in a collaborative setting, with the aim of solving major problems facing humanity and society at large. Tokyo Electron has been providing comprehensive support to the TFC ever since the pilot program began in 2013.
  • Executive Dialogue
  • Wishes and visions of the TFC's founders

Executive Dialogue

In 2013, Tohoku University inaugurated an international visitor research program entitled the Tohoku Forum for Creativity (TFC). The ambitiousness of the initiative deeply resonated with TEL, leading the company to offer various types of support from early on, including the establishment of the TOKYO ELECTRON House of Creativity in March 2015 as TFC’s central facility on campus. In this article, TFC Director Sadayoshi Ito and TEL President Toshiki Kawai discuss their passion for industry-academia collaboration and the TFC in particular.

Wishes and visions of the TFC’s founders.

Located on the campus of Tohoku University, the Tohoku Forum for Creativity (TFC) is the first international visitor research institute established by a Japanese university. The TFC hosts a series of research programs focused on specific themes, which are strategically chosen from various scientific disciplines by weighing the challenges facing mankind and the trend in world affairs. For each program, Nobel Prize-class researchers and other authorities on the theme are invited from around the world to the TOKYO ELECTRON House of Creativity on campus, where they can stay for one to three months to work on a research project without distraction. The TFC's founding motto is to strive for "a fellowship of knowledge open to the world, where people can gather, learn, and create." Tokyo Electron agrees with this motto, and has been actively endorsing the TFC since its startup phase in 2013. In the following interview, we asked the TFC's Director Prof. Sadayoshi Ito, as well as Prof. Motoko Kotani who has participated in the project from the start, about the vision and social significance of the TFC, and about their own passions that led to its inception.

Wishes and visions of the TFC's founders.