For Customer Safety

For the Safe Use of Our Products

Information Provision

Tokyo Electron(TEL) provides relevant safety information to customers to enable safe handling of products that require hazardous chemicals or high voltage electricity. All of our products come with a standard TEL Safety and Environmental Guidelines manual. With consistently organized information, this manual describes the potential risks associated with the use of our products by category, such as chemical, electrical, mechanical, and ergonomic, together with the methods for averting those risks. The manual also describes safety measures applied to products and recommended methods for product disposal. The manual is offered in 10 languages* to ensure the content is correctly understood by our customers around the world. Each product also comes with a manual detailing the procedures for avoiding product-specific risks and securing safe operation and maintenance, thus ensuring safe use of the equipment. Close attention must also be paid to safety when delivering our products to new customer production lines. We check the facilities, equipment, and workplace safety standards beforehand according to our internal rules to ensure a safe working environment prior to delivery.

* 10 languages: Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese


TEL provides its customers with training on equipment operation and maintenance procedures to ensure they are able to handle TEL products safely. To meet the needs of customers around the world, we have established training centers at various TEL sites, with approximately 80 instructors conducting training courses including practical skills needed to work on TEL equipment. We also provide web-based training and on-site training at customer sites. In addition, we have introduced a certification system for our instructors in order to assure we provide high quality training. We survey participants after they complete a training course to measure their satisfaction with the training. We then use their feedback on the training programs and equipment used in order to continually improve our training system.