For Customer Safety

For the Safe Use of Our Products

Information Provision

Tokyo Electron(TEL) is committed to providing sufficient information on its products to ensure that customers can safely use the products. All products purchased by customers come with a TEL Safety and Environmental Guidelines manual. The manual describes potential risks associated with using our products together with the methods for averting those risks, as well as safety measures applied to products and recommended methods for product disposal. It is divided into such categories as chemical, electrical, mechanical, and ergonomic. The manual is available in 12 languages* to ensure that customers around the world can understand the content accurately and safely use the products. Customers are also provided product-specific manuals tailored to the relevant product specifications.

If new safety warnings become apparent after a product ships, we contact affected customers individually and share that information with them.

We also pay close attention to safety when delivering products that involve the use of hazardous chemicals or high voltage electricity. Furthermore, when delivering products to a customer’s new production line, in accordance with TEL regulations, we thoroughly consider all safety aspects beforehand by checking the customer’s facilities, equipment, safe work standards, and so on.

* 12 languages: Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Finnish

Global Expansion of Training for Customers

TEL has established training centers all over the world, mainly at its development and production sites, and is providing customers with training on equipment operation and maintenance to ensure they are able to use the products safely. In July 2019, we opened a new training center at Tokyo Electron Korea. Using actual equipment, practical training is being rolled out at training centers globally, delivered by about 50 dedicated instructors whose skills have been recognized by our own internal certification system. In addition, we also implement online education as well as on-site training at customer’s plants.

By conducting online surveys in order to respond more quickly to our customers’ needs, and by collecting and analyzing customer feedback, we are working to improve the content of our training programs and the equipment used. Going forward, we will continue to give priority to customer safety as we put effort into further developing our training environment.