Consideration for Customers

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tokyo Electron(TEL) conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey (TEL CS Survey) every year, with the goal of making continual improvements based on customer feedback.

The survey started in 2003 with a limited number of departments. Since then, we have made numerous improvements to the questions, survey method, analysis, feedback to customers about targeted improvements, and overall management of the program. The survey grew to include all semiconductor production equipment departments in 2014. The FPD production equipment division and overseas subsidiaries were added in 2016 to make the survey a key organization-wide initiative. The questions are designed to allow multi-faceted analyses of customer opinions, so that feedback can directly lead to practical improvements in the sales, development and production, and service divisions.

To ensure the survey results lead to improved customer satisfaction, in 2016, we began analyzing the results by account and function (software, development, etc.) in addition to analyzing by product. Results of the analysis are used by dedicated in-house personnel to respond to each specific case and to improve our services overall. Results of the function-based analysis were used to again identify common issues related to each product. We also developed a mechanism for immediately sharing feedback with related divisions, so that we can conduct further multi-faceted analyses and accelerate our improvement activities

In the survey for fiscal 2017, which was conducted under this new system, approximately 1,300 individual customers responded for a 61.6% response rate. On a 4-point scale, we received an average of 3 points or higher (Very Satisfied or Satisfied) on 67.6% of the questions, compared to 62% of questions the previous year. Through this customer satisfaction survey, we take corrective action based on the valuable feedback received from our customers, analysis results, and issues requiring improvement. We make full use of the survey to improve our services and product development, and we continually share the results of the survey and our plans for improvement with our customers. Our entire company is working to drive improvements through this customer satisfaction survey.

Improving Customer Productivity

In addition to providing high quality products to customers, TEL also recommends ways to operate the equipment most efficiently at customer fabs and offers optimization services.

TEL has introduced TELeMetrics, a service that connects the equipment installed at customer sites with TEL via a communications network, enabling TEL to monitor and analyze data to improve equipment performance. Specifically, the service takes advantage of TEL’s unique technological insights and specialized analytic tools to multilaterally analyze data such as equipment functionality, component degradation over time, and product variability. This allows TEL to identify problems in real time and offer appropriate solutions. This service can significantly reduce the costs for installation, operation, and management of facilities and equipment. TELeMetrics also has a proven record of improving the overall efficiency of facilities at customer fabs.