Green Procurement

Introducing Our Green Procurement

Tokyo Electron(TEL) is promoting, with the cooperation of our suppliers, the notion of "green procurement", which aims to give prior attention to purchasing parts, products, and materials that have been produced in a way that takes the environment into account. For details, please refer to the following "Green Procurement Guideline" and its appended documents.

Request for Provision of Environmental Information Regarding Delivered Products

TEL is conducting research on regulated chemical substances used in all parts and products purchased from our suppliers.

Research on Regulated Chemical Substance

TEL has started applying AIS1 (MSDSplus 2) issued by JAMP3 for the research on regulated chemical substances. For more details about the research process, please contact us using the Corporate Responsibility inquiry form.

1 AIS : A basic information transmission sheet recommended by JAMP to be used to communicate information about chemical substances contained in products (AIS - Article Information Sheet)
2 MSDSplus : Material Safety Data Sheet plus, a chemical substance information transmission sheet regarding chemical substances and dispensed products
3 JAMP : Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium

Please visit the JAMP website for information about AIS and MSDSplus.
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