Initiatives for Product Environmental Laws and Regulations

In order to comply with each country’s environmental laws and regulations pertaining to products, TEL proactively collects information and takes appropriate action as required. An example of our efforts for EU REACH*1 regulations is that we investigate the presence of any substances of very high concern (SVHC) in articles, and disclose information appropriately. As for efforts for GHS*2 requirements, we provide safety data sheets (SDS) when selling chemical goods.

In fiscal year 2018, we established a new environmental IT system, making it possible to share information more efficiently with our supply chain. In addition, we have also continued to offer “web based training for Product Environment Compliance” to all employees, providing a description of the frequently revised environmental laws and regulations and product compliance. We also provide suppliers with information on the relevant environmental laws and regulations. We had no violations of environmental laws and regulations during fiscal year 2018.
We will continue to rapidly monitor each country’s environmental laws and regulations, and strive to take appropriate action.We are also focusing on employee education. We now offer a seminar on Product Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations to all employees, including not only managers but also staff members from relevant departments. The seminar consists of an overview of frequently revised environmental laws and regulations, lectures on target chemical substances, and comprehension tests. In fiscal 2017, 97% of our employees took the course.

We will continue to closely monitor and appropriately respond to relevant laws and regulations worldwide, further increasing our efforts to reduce hazardous chemical substances.

*1 EU REACH: An EU regulation pertaining to the registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemicals
*2 GHS: Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals