Initiatives for Product Environmental Laws and Regulations

In order to comply with each country’s environmental laws and regulations pertaining to products, we proactively collect information and take appropriate action as required. An example of our efforts for EU REACH*1 is that we properly investigate and disclose information on the presence of any chemical substances in articles. We introduced the chemSHERPA*2 format in fiscal year 2021 and collected information on chemical substances for concentrations in the parts per billion (ppb*3). As an effort toward GHS*4 requirements, we provide safety data sheets (SDS*5) when selling chemical products. We also promote the local procurement of chemical products and effectively address laws and regulations. In explaining and addressing the frequently revised environmental laws and regulations, we continue to offer “web-based training for Product Environment Compliance” to all employees, and we provide suppliers with information on the relevant environmental laws and regulations. We will continue to monitor each country’s environmental laws and regulations rapidly and strive to take appropriate action.

*1 EU REACH: An EU regulation pertaining to the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and restriction of CHemicals
*2 chemSHERPA: A data entry support tool for appropriately managing information on chemical substances in products across an entire supply chain
*3 ppb: parts per billion (1 × 10-9)
*4 GHS: Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals
*5 SDS: Safety Data Sheet (Safety Data Sheet refers to the document containing hazard information about chemical substances that is issued when a company transfers or provides chemical substances, products containing chemical substances, to another company)