Silicon Engineering a Social World, ISSCC2018

The topic at this time is ISSCC 2018 (International Solid State Circuit Conference) held from 2/11 to 2/15 in San Francisco. This conference will discuss not only CPU and memory, but also research results on state-of-the-art semiconductor circuits such as analog, communication, sensors, and artificial intelligence. The main theme is "SILICON ENGINEERING A SOCIAL WORLD". With the development of devices, circuits, and systems, powerful computing and communication functions, which have never been beforehand, are integrated in small devices, and these devices can be connected to share information. This realizes a society where people can access information instantaneously from anywhere in the world. As for topics, circuit technologies for server processors, high density circuit of 3D NAND and circuit technology of DRAM for graphics, circuit technology for next generation communication, image - sensor technology required for IoT, circuit technology for AI are discussed to realize information society.