Single Wafer Deposition

What is single wafer deposition?

Tokyo Electron's single-wafer deposition systems, especially, the latest 300mm platform Triase+, use cluster process modules that can be configured for a wide variety of applications. Among these systems TEL's representative process module, the Ti, TiN, and W metal deposition systems utilize the plug formation process and electrode process. The SPA Series extends its performance record by utilizing special hardware to respond to FEOL requirements as a low-temperature plasma processing system. In addition, the High-k deposition system has been adopted for advanced gate stack processes, and is contributing to the acceleration of device speed and energy saving.


Single Wafer Plasma Treatment System
Triase+ SPAi

Single Wafer Deposition System
Triase+ Ti/TiN

Single Wafer Deposition System
Triase+ W

Single Wafer Deposition System
Triase+ High-k CVD

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