Photovoltaic panel (PV) production equipment

Solving the problem of climate change and global warming is one of the most pressing tasks for humanity today. We need to shift from being dependent on fossil fuels to becoming a low-carbon society by utilizing renewable energy. PV power generation using solar energy is the leading type of renewable energy. However, in order for this green energy to come into common use, further technological innovation and cost reduction are necessary to overcome the current challenges related to cost and efficiency, such as increasing the efficiency of converting solar energy to electricity and overcoming the shortage of materials to produce related equipment.

Tokyo Electron(TEL) acquired Oerlikon Solar, a photovoltaic panel production equipment manufacturer, on December 2012. And its name has been changed to TEL Solar.
TEL intends to enhance photovoltaic panel production equipment as a new core business that will support TEL's growth strategy.

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  • Semiconductor Production Equipment
    • Thermal Processing
    • Coater/Developers
    • Etch system
    • Surface Preparation system
    • Single Wafer Deposition
    • Test system
    • Wafer Bonding/Debonding
    • SiC Epitaxial CVD System
    • Gas Cluster Ion Beam System
    • Advanced Packaging
  • Flat Panel Display Equipment
    • FPD Coater/Developer
    • FPD Etch/Ash system
    • Inkjet printing system for manufacturing OLED panels
  • Field Solutions
  • Chip Making Process