Dec 6, 2001 TEL Begins Accepting Orders for a New Product, The TELFORMULA
Dec 5, 2001 TEL Announces Release of New Product for Wafer Level Reliability Analysis
Dec 4, 2001 TEL Announces Release of New Plasma Nitridation System
Dec 1, 2001 TEL Launches Commercial Scanning Coater
Nov 30, 2001 TEL Releases New Wafer Prober with Improved Feature Set
Nov 29, 2001 TEL Donates to UT Engineering and Chemistry Programs
Nov 7, 2001 TEL Succeeds in Developing World's First IPv6-Compliant Technology for High-Quality Video Download System via Personal Computers - Achieves Technology Enabling High-Quality Video Download for Broadband Age on Windows XP -
Oct 30, 2001 TEL Announces New Plasma Etch and Ash System
Oct 23, 2001 Financial Forecast Revision
Oct 11, 2001 TIS, Emtorage, TEL, Brocade, & Veritas Software to Establish Japan's First Storage Environment- Independent Interoperability Center
Aug 23, 2001 Revised Dividend Forecast for the Year Ending March 31, 2002
Aug 2, 2001 Financial Forecast Revision
Aug 2, 2001 Tokyo Electron Grants Stock Options
Jul 16, 2001 TEL and WaferMasters Agree to Develop Highly Energy Efficient 300mm Single Wafer Rapid Thermal Furnace (SRTF)
Jul 15, 2001 Ultratech, Varian Semiconductor and TEL Join Forces to Create Industry's First Sub-70 nm Technology Center - International Alliance Will Leverage Technology and Expertise From Three of the World¥'s Leading Process Providers to Expedite Integrated Solutions for the Sub-70 nm Technology Node
Jul 13, 2001 TEL Enters the Integrated Metrology Era
Jul 6, 2001 Announcement Regarding Stock Repurchase
Jul 2, 2001 TEL Reports Important Personnel Changes
May 22, 2001 Tokyo Electron (TEL) wins Supplier Excellence Award from Texas Instruments
May 18, 2001 Fiscal Year 2001 (the 38th FY) Annual Shareholders' Meeting
Mar 27, 2001 Tokyo Electron, Ltd. Receives Intel's Prestigious Suppler Continuous Quality Improvement Award
Mar 14, 2001 Change in the Corporate Organization and Important Personnel
Mar 1, 2001 Tokyo Electron Receives Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance
Feb 6, 2001 TEL Acquires Timbre Technologies
Jan 26, 2001 TEL Announces New Company Name- Tokyo Electron AT Limited
Jan 4, 2001 2001 New Year's Greetings from Tetsuro Higashi, C.E.O., President, Tokyo Electron


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