CSR Policy

The Tokyo Electron Group believes that achieving sound and continuous growth as a business enterprise is our primary social responsibility for contributing to social development through the provision of leading-edge products, technologies, and services. To achieve this, not only must we provide high-quality products and services, but we must be a company that is esteemed from the perspectives of good-faith and fair corporate activities, pursuit of safety and environmental preservation, respect for human rights and ethics, crisis management, corporate governance, and compliance. The Tokyo Electron Group will continue to carry out initiatives based on its CSR policy and in response to the opinions of our many stakeholders.

CSR Policy

TEL considers CSR to be the embodiment of its corporate philosophy, which has been firmly upheld since TEL's founding. TEL pursues sustainable operations from the viewpoints of corporate governance, legal and regulatory compliance, and business ethics while creating new value through its products and services. Based on these eforts, TEL implements CSR activities to help solve social problems. TEL will continue to pursue CSR activities to build stakeholder trust, improve corporate value, and promote the growth of a sustainable and dream-inspiring society.

Stakeholder Communication

Business activities are based on good communication with stakeholders and society at large. That is why TEL considers building stakeholder trust essential to its operations. Accordingly, TEL discloses information on the progress of its initiatives and future direction of its business in a fair and timely manner through regular briefings and its corporate website. In addition, TEL interacts with stakeholders on many occasions and through various contact points. This helps us accurately understand their views and expectations, and allows TEL to quickly reevaluate and adjust its course of business as appropriate. Through these eorts, TEL is reducing the latent impact of social and environmental issues on its business while seeking to improve its competitiveness and market position to maintain sustainable business operations.

Examples of initiatives

Technology conferences

TEL holds technology conference meetings of various sizes throughout the year, addressing the needs of specific business units, markets, regions, and so forth. These conferences serve as venues for information sharing
and multifaceted communication and have received positive reviews from customers, TEL employees, and other participants. Through these networking events, TEL is effectively sharing information to support innovation and the development of high value-added products and services.

Participation in international CSR initiatives

To work on CSR issues from a broad perspective and make improvement efforts, the TEL Group proactively participates in various initiatives.

·United Nations Global Compact

Since July 2013, the TEL Group has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact. In support of its Ten Principles, the TEL Group will continue to work to maintain the harmonious pursuit of both its corporate activities and a sustainable society.

·TEL's Initiatives as an EICC member

In June 2015, TEL joined the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), an industry consortium that addresses global CSR challenges. To ensure that our business practices in the fields of labor, health and safety, environment and ethics are in full compliance with the EICC Code of Conduct, we have put in place a comprehensive management system for our CSR initiatives. We are also collaborating with other EICC members and experts to create a business environment conducive to the industry-wide fulfillment of CSR.

TEL has an internal ethics code and related policies that are designed to comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the countries concerned, various international standards, and the EICC Code of Conduct. The company also periodically ascertains the progress of its initiatives by evaluating its business processes. Specifically, we use the self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) format provided by the EICC to assess performance and correct any problems, both at our corporate headquarters and our major locations worldwide.

The results of the assessment are periodically reported to the presidents of the local group companies, and the corporate management team monitors the group-wide measures for improvement as well as the progress and problems of each initiative. Once key issues have been identified, the CSR Promotion Administration Division and related divisions periodically monitor the corrective process to ensure business operation improvement.

Thanks to these measures, no human rights violations, such as child labor or forced labor, occurred at TEL in fiscal year 2016, and no ethical risks to the soundness of its ongoing business operations were found.

The Tokyo Electron Group will continue to improve its operations in compliance with the EICC Code of Conduct, and resolves to engage in socially responsible activities and to promote CSR throughout the industry.


TEL fulfills the roles and responsibilities of a corporate citizen in the international community through its support for the UN Global Compact and by endeavoring to solve social issues identified in the UN SDGs. In determining the materiality of the corporate issues at hand, TEL sought to thoroughly understand its business environment and risks, while also placing an emphasis on clarifying the connection between the social issues and TEL's operations.
As a manufacturer of semiconductor production equipment, TEL believes it can contribute to the advancement of technologies that support and enrich people's lives by fully understanding market changes and real customer needs and by continuously delivering innovative next-generation products. TEL also considers it important to streamline its operations and gain world-class earnings power. This will allow us to attain sustainable growth and medium- to long-term improvements in the enterprise value and to realize a dream-inspiring and engaging workplace with fully functional compliance and governance systems. In addition, this approach will continue to show TEL's focus on human rights and labor issues, as we continually offer challenging opportunities for personal growth.
Based on this position, and mindful of the need to be comprehensive and concise, TEL chose the material issues for fiscal year 2017 while also keeping the previous year's material issues in perspective.

CSR goals for fiscal year 2017

For fiscal year 2017, TEL has set 16 goals related to 5 material issues and is working to achieve them.

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