Corporate Responsibility Activities

The TEL Group believes that one of its tasks is to contribute to the development of society, while always complying with social laws and norms. Based on this belief, we engage in a variety of activities in Japan and overseas as a good corporate citizen.

Initiatives in Japan

Afforestation and Tree Planting Activities

We engage in afforestation and tree planting activities to maintain water sources in various places.

Educational Activities in partnership with the Local Community

In Miyagi Prefecture, we held classroom outreach sessions in which we conducted scientific experiments in cooperation with professors from Tohoku University.

Taking part in a traffic safety campaign

We participate in Safety Driving Challenge 123 and Driving Etiquette Ladies campaign.

Support for child welfare facilities and medical institutions

We conducts support activities for child welfare facilities and medical institutions located in the vicinity of the Koshi Plant.

Initiatives Overseas

Initiatives for the environment and social welfare (United States)

Community outreach efforts on local environmental and social programs.

Campaign to End Breast Cancer (Europe)

We participated in Wear It Pink Day, a campaign against breast cancer.

Recognized with a Going Green Award
(United States)

We were recognized with a Going Green Award by the Austin Business Journal.

Giving Christmas Presents to an Orphanage

The president of a local corporation and its employees dressed up in Santa Claus costumes and handed out presents to every child at an orphanage.

Recognized as Renewable Energy Champions
(United States)

We were recognized as Renewable Energy Champions in Austin.

Fun Run event (China)

We took part in the Fun Run charity event organized by the Zhangjiang Group

Han-Ma-Eum Sports Day (Korea)

We organized a sporting event on the sports grounds located on our premises.

Corporate Responsibility

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