Mar 16, 2012

Tokyo Electron (TEL) Announces Acquisition of NEXX Systems, Inc

Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) (Headquarters: Tokyo; President and CEO: Hiroshi Takenaka) has reached a definitive agreement to acquire NEXX Systems, Inc (NEXX) (Headquarters: Massachusetts, USA; President and CEO: Tom Walsh).

In the explosive growth of multifunction mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, it has become essential to produce thinner and smaller low power consumption devices with increased functionality. Advanced packaging technology addresses this need and, in particular, wafer level packaging to form Lead-free / Cu- pillar bumping and TSV (Through-Silicon Via) on the silicon wafer has emerged as the fastest growing semiconductor packaging technology for over the next five years to come.

The acquisition of NEXX by TEL will expand TELs position in advanced packaging to include electrochemical deposition (ECD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems that have won awards for their outstanding performance, low cost of ownership, development flexibility and their extendibility to future applications. Integrating these applications with TELs broad product line-up and leading global support will enable TEL to grow the company’s business portfolio while continuing to offer the best solutions to customers.

Hiroshi Takenaka, President and CEO of TEL, remarked: “Delivering superior performance for leading-edge semiconductor manufacturers requires significant innovation in wafer level packaging. NEXX has demonstrated outstanding advantages in electrochemical deposition, a key differentiating technology in this market. TEL’s strategy to advance wafer level packaging will make use of technical synergies only possible between these two companies and will capitalize on both TELs and NEXX’s already profitable core business strengths.

Tom Walsh, President and CEO of NEXX, added “We are delighted to join forces with the worlds quintessential master IC tool supplier. We believe NEXX Systems integration into the TEL family will benefit our stakeholders, our team and, most importantly, our customers and everyone with an interest in advanced electronics. By joining the TEL group of companies, NEXX will be able to take major steps along our technology roadmaps to strengthen our competitive positions. Our combination will leverage complementary customer relationships: NEXX provides TEL with an immediate presence in the high growth, back-end packaging arena, while NEXX gains access to front-end growth markets and an unparalleled repository of cutting-edge intellectual property.

About NEXX
Business focus; advanced deposition equipment for wafer level packaging, ECD and PVD
Headquarters; Billerica, MA, USA
Employees; 139 (as of December, 2011)
Sales; 76.5 million dollars (Year 2011)

NEXX Systems brings exceptional technical expertise in Copper pillar and lead-free production solutions to flip chip and advanced packaging. Since 2001, NEXX has expanded its customer base to forty, with one hundred and forty-two systems in place and millions of wafers processed. The two product lines provide the most efficient, yet affordable, systems of their kind: Stratus and Apollo. Additional information can be found at