Corporate Principles

In the half-century since our foundation in November 1963, Tokyo Electron has repeatedly revolutionized technology in our rapidly changing world, continuing to grow together with the times.
In 2013 when we reached the 50th year since our foundation, in view of the next generation and changes in the business environment, we have refined our Corporate Philosophy, which specifies the purpose of our existence and our mission in society. We have also revised the Management Policies that were established at the start of TEL.

Tokyo Electron's Corporate Principles are comprised of four elements that together detail our mission as a company and identify the values and behaviors necessary to fulfill our goals.
The Corporate Principles sit atop the Corporate Philosophy and Management Policies, indicating the basic way of thinking that forms the foundation for corporate activities.

Corporate Philosophy

The Corporate Philosophy defines the purpose of Tokyo Electron's existence and its mission in society.
It represents TEL's basic way of thinking that forms the foundation for its corporate activities.

Management Policies

The Management Policies highlight the management values that Tokyo Electron regards as essential to achieving the objectives defined in its Corporate Philosophy. They express the logic that underscores our eight general rules of management.

1. Profit is Essential

The TEL Group aims to contribute to the development of society and industry and to the enhancement of corporate value while continually pursuing profit.

2. Scope of Business

The TEL Group leads markets by providing high-quality products in leading-edge technology fields with a focus on electronics.

3. Growth Philosophy

We will tirelessly take on the challenges of technological innovation to achieve continuous growth through business expansion and market creation.

4. Quality and Service

The TEL Group strives to understand the true needs to achieve customer satisfaction and secure customer trust while continuously improving quality and service.

5. Employees

The TEL Group's employees both create and fulfill company values, performing their work with creativity, a sense of responsibility, and a commitment to teamwork.

6. Organizations

The TEL Group builds optimal organizations that maximize corporate value in which all employees can realize their full potential.

7. Safety, Health and the Environment

The TEL Group gives the highest consideration to the safety and health of every person connected with our business activities as well as to the global environment.

8. Social Responsibility

Feeling a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, we strive to gain the esteem of society and to be a company where our employees are proud to work.

CSR Policy

CSR Policy

CSR Policy The Tokyo Electron CSR policy is a clear codification of our fundamental beliefs and values for undertaking CSR activities based on our corporate philosophy and management policies. The CSR policy clarifies of our social responsibilities and behavior as a corporation.

TEL Values

Tokyo Electron Limited summarized the values and codes of conduct of the Tokyo Electron Group as TEL Values in April 2006. We will share TEL values with all employees of the Group around the world, which will in turn drive us toward new growth in the future.

  1. Pride
    We take pride in providing high-value products and services.
  2. Challenge
    We accept the challenge of going beyond what others are doing in pursuing our goal of becoming number one globally.
  3. Ownership
    We will keep ownership in mind as we think things through, and engage in thorough implementation in order to achieve our goals.
  4. Teamwork
    We respect each other's individuality and we place a high priority on teamwork.
  5. Awareness
    We must have awareness and accept responsibility for our behavior as respectful members of society.

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