Board of Directors

Corporate Director
Chairman of the Board
Tetsuo Tsuneishi
Representative Director
President & CEO
Toshiki Kawai
Representative Director
Sadao Sasaki
Representative Director
Internal Control
Tetsuro Hori
Corporate Director
Gishi Chung
Corporate Director
Masami Akimoto
Corporate Director
Business Ethics, CSR Promotion
Tatsuya Nagakubo
Corporate Director
Hirofumi Kitayama
Corporate Director
Corporate Advisor
Tetsuro Higashi
Corporate Director
(Outside Director)
Hiroshi Inoue
Honorary Chairman, Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc.
Corporate Director
(Outside Director)
Charles Ditmars Lake Ⅱ
President, Member of the Board of Directors, Aflac International
Incorporated, Representative and Chairman, Aflac Japan

Audit & Supervisory Board

Audit & Supervisory Board Member Yoshiteru Harada  
Shojiro Mori  
Mikio Akaishi
(Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member)
Takatoshi Yamamoto
(Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member)
Ryuji Sakai
(Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member)
Attorney at law, Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu

Executive Officers

President & CEO Toshiki Kawai General Manager, Business Division
Executive Vice Presidents Sadao Sasaki General Manager,
Development & Production Division,
Product Development Division, Deposition
President, Tokyo Electron Tohoku Ltd.
Tetsuro Hori General Manager,
Corporate Administration Division,
Accounting, Finance, Intellectual Property,
Corporate Strategy, IR, Compliance & Internal Control
Senior Vice Presidents Kenji Washino General Manager, ATSBU
Gishi Chung Deputy General Manager,
Development & Production Division
General Manager, Corporate Product Development,
Innovative Technology Planning Division
Masami Akimoto Deputy General Manager,
Development & Production Division
General Manager, Coat & Clean
President, Tokyo Electron Kyushu Ltd.
Hideyuki Tsutsumi General Manager, Global Field Division
Barry Mayer General Manager,
Global Strategy
President, Tokyo Electron U.S. Holdings, Inc.
David Brough General Manager,
Global Strategy
General Manager, Europe Region Division
President, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.
Vice Presidents Tatsuya Nagakubo Deputy General Manager,
Corporate Administration Division,
Human Resources, General Affairs,
CSR Promotion
Masahiko Hamajima General Manager, Corporate Strategy
Takeo Sasaki General Manager,
Legal, Export & Logistics Control
Akihisa Sekiguchi General Manager,
Advanced Semiconductor Technology Division
Kazushi Tahara General Manager,
Production Division
Keisuke Koizumi General Manager, IT Division
Yutaka Nanasawa Deputy General Manager, IT Division
President, TEL Solar Services AG
Seisu (Yoh) Ikeda General Manager, CTBU
Yoshinobu Mitano General Manager, ESBU
Shingo Tada General Manager, TPSBU
Takeshi Okubo General Manager, SDBU
Toshihiko Nishigaki General Manager, SPSBU
President, TEL FSI, Inc.
Kiyoshi Sunohara General Manager, FSBU
Tsuguhiko Matsuura General Manager, FPDBU
Yoshiaki Horii General Manager,
Planning of Region Strategy Division
Yoshifumi Tahara Deputy General Manager,
Product Development Division,
President, Tokyo Electron Yamanashi Ltd.

BU = Business Unit

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